UD-Glass Rod | Master Piece of Ijuin-Rod


“A rod of minimalism in power”

Yomogi was born from one simple idea that “I want to make truly enjoyable rod.”

Its concept is “fish as you imagine and enjoy.” The rod is designed to provide the minimum power you need. The power smoothly shifts from the butt to the tip, and the line turns as is it were free from gravity. You will never forget this unique and enjoyable feeling.

Blanks are inspired by Yomogi (a well-known grass often regarded as typical green color of traditional Japan) swinging among young leaf of early spring. Unique shape of the grip is based on Japanese candle Warosoku. Reel seat is made from Kusunoki camphor tree.

Rod’s action depends on rod length. 7ft model represents Yomogi’s concept the most which is slow and full-flex.

Special version is made with original silk dyed with vegetable dyes and comes with a vegetable dyed cotton rod bag. It is special not only in terms of rod action but also in every aspects.


Blank : UD-glass Ijuin-Rod original design

Grip : Cork J-candle original shape

Reel seat : Fresh water fish

Rod sox & Tube come together

Blank Stocks

  • 6’6”3wt3pc 185 USD
  • 7’00”3wt3pc 199 USD
  • 7’03”4wt3pc 199 USD
  • 7’06”4wt3pc 199 USD

    The last one available.

  • 7’11”5wt4pc 225 USD

Completed Model

  • Yomogi Standard Model ASK

    Rod, rod tube, rod sox

  • Yomogi Special Model ASK

    The final price depends on options: e.g. reel seat, agate guides, original silk threads, etc.

Yomogi in Action